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    • Are you looking to replace a current individual plan?
    • Purchasing your first health insurance plan?
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    • Seeking better value and excellent customer service?
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    No matter what your current situation is, let us help you make the transition to an individual, or family plan as simple as possible. We understand that saving money is as important as having a superior health insurance plan. onlinetermlifeinsurance.com provides health insurance to Georgia residents with various co-pay and deductible options. Our online quote engine allows you to get instant Aetna health insurance quotes and analyze various plans side by side. Click here to receive an individual Aetna health insurance quote instantly today!

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    Why Us

    • We have been providing comprehensive benefit solutions to employers for over 20 years. While we work with several quality insurance companies, our company actually represents the client and focuses on making the best recommendation for each individual client.
    • We are staffed with a team of highly trained and experienced associates who provide exceptional customer service and are readily available to answer any questions you have.
    • We take the time to analyze the needs of our clients and customize programs that are specifically tailored for them.
    • State of the art technology known as the Benefits Portal is provided to our clients free of charge. The Benefits Portal streamlines human resource operations and increases operating efficiency, which simplifies the benefits enrollment process. We provide all enrollment, claim, and change forms for all providers in one accessible location.